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Drag and drop your business onto a mobile app  


Improve health data. Support remote care. Facilitate digitised workflows.

service providers

THE platform for monetise your customers expertise in a two way customer relationship


Take your brand mobile

Go Beyond Social and take your business mobile on a platform that transforms how you can engage with your clients. Deliver your brand, content and services all through your own mobile app.

Monetise your content

Deliver daily content, live sessions and pre recorded content. Start a two way chat or book a video call, guide, coach, train, manage and teach. Do what you do best all through a single app.

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Enable new revenue channels beyond advertising

Deliver packages of service, sell physical product,  merchandise, video content, subscription services and much much more.

Track their Progress

With live connection to all leading wearables, collect and analyse all lifestyle and clinical data including sleep, mood, calories, activity, heart rate, blood sugar, plan and treatment adherence. You name it, you can track it! 

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Everything you need in one solution

The platform provides everything you need to go mobile, with easy management through a web portal. Attract new customers and advertise your offering, manage your customers and make bookings, sales and payments all from one place.

The customer engagement platform for everyone

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