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Build an online service business in minutes, UltraWell. 

The Shopify for wellness providers.

Please watch the video with sound

There is a gap in the market. 

There is no single tool to sell service & product with two-way interaction.

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We are UltraWell

UltraWell is a global platform play in mobile and online service delivery.

  • We are Shopify for service providers - leveraging the Gig economy post pandemic.

  • SaaS, recurring and transactional revenues, package from £29.99 a month.

  • $1.5 trillion market globally, 1 million workers in health and beauty in the UK, unlimited for all knowledge.

  • No other platform has the features or speed to get online (15 mins for a personal trainer or physio business) for 1:1 service providers.

  • Platform is built. Post revenue. Highly experienced management team.

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