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UltraWell for Mental Health

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  • Engage with your customers in the way that suits them using secure video, voice or message.

  • Send out daily mental health check ins and track responses over time to look for patterns.

  • Formulate coaching and support packages tailored to your customers needs.

  • Track your customers progress through their mobile app and collect data to support follow on treatments.

  • Keep in touch with previous customers to show that you care and you’re ready for them when they need you again.

  • Offer a range of supporting materials in different formats to reduce your time commitments and to aid self-help.

  • Coaching, advice and training 

  • Treatment plans  

  • One to one video sessions 

  • One to many video sessions and seminars 

  • Downloadable content 

  • Two-way instant messaging

  • Voice content and streams 

  • Your product shopping cart

  • Customer onboarding messages, how to guides 

  • Information on your business offering, services and products available 

  • Calendar feature to book appoints and services 

  • Community forums 

  • Loyalty programmes 

  • Updates on customer progress to date 

  • The ability to buy services directly from the app including 

Your mobile app features include:

Deliver a one to one or one to many digital experience, regardless of location 

Empower your clients and allow them to engage with you - Anytime, anywhere.  

Enabling you to provide a truly mobile service, without the need for a consultation room, office or retail outlet.

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