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UltraWell Solution Overview 

Customer Mobile App

Create new revenue streams and ways to engage and sell to your customers through your own UltraWell mobile app.


Send customers directly to the UltraWell app from your social media, email, website or messaging platform.

  • Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Your customers put in your unique reference number and the app is customised to your business, its that easy. 

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Your customers are now ready to receive your amazing services! 

  • Deliver comprehensive remote services to your customer base.

  • Maximise your revenue streams through the mobile app. Sell content, videos, live sessions, improvement plans, product and subscription models. The only limit is your imagination!

  • Capture rich customer data through the built-in customer profile database.

Build an ongoing two-way relationship to maximise your customer opportunities like never before

  • Keep your customers engaged, learning and improving through an immersive two-way mobile experience.

  • Track progress with live data powered by all leading wearables including Apple Health, GoogleHealth, fitbit, etc.

  • Sell products and merchandise alongside your services to drive your add-on sales.


Your mobile app features include:

  • Customer onboarding messages, how to guides 

  • Information on your business offering, services and products available 

  • Calendar feature to book appoints and services 

  • Community forums 

  • Loyalty programmes 

  • Updates on customer progress to date 

  • The ability to buy services directly from the app including 

  • Coaching, advice and training 

  • Treatment plans  

  • One to one video sessions 

  • One to many video sessions and seminars 

  • Downloadable content 

  • Two-way instant messaging

  • Voice content and streams 

  • Physical product 

Deliver a one to one or one to many digital experience, regardless of location. Empower your clients and allow them to engage with you - Anytime, anywhere. And provide a truly mobile service, without the need for a consultation room, office or retail outlet.

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Your Customer Management Portal 

Build and create your service offering, market to your customers and create engaging customer management all from one easy to use website, tailored to you. 


Features of the all in one Portal for Providers: 

  • See your new customers as they login to your mobile app.

  • Easy to use drag and drop function to build up your service and product offerings.

  • Market to and engage your customers with video, message, email and voice.

  • Tailor your offering depending on the customer type.

  • Build engaging relationships, taking information collected from your clients' app and wearables.

  • Sell your time through secure video consultation.

desktop 4.png

UltraWell is designed to create a rich and engaging experience way beyond traditional multi platform approaches and social media, including:

  • Appointment diary 

  • All customer dashboard 

  • Customer progress reporting 

  • Sales and revenue tracking 

  • Customer loyalty programmes

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